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I Believe Inc

Image I Believe Inc is determined to educate children and adults on issues that can deliver an understanding and hope; through working together, we can change our communities and circumstances.

Discussing the prevention of paralysis through nonviolence and educating through PowerPoint presentations, I Believe Inc shows the effects of paralysis to the physical, mental and emotional changes one experiences throughout their lives.

As well as social issues, I Believe Inc uses its experiences with needing accessibility to communicate and network with local and national Rehabilitation Agencies to find individuals who are going through a transition and will require their homes to be modified with accessibility. Needing ramps, lifts, roll in showers, and relating to accessibility can also assist others that may need accessibility at home.

I Believe Inc is about improving the lives of spinal cord injured children and adults, since although paralysis may change a life, it can’t change determination.

I Believe Inc will provide laptops and computers, giving individuals an option to explore their dreams and delivering them in a social way beyond their homes. Communicating, designing, and educating others with personal aspirations gives an individual a sense of purpose and improves their quality of life. I Believe Inc, with their experience involving the daily needs, health supplies, proper equipment in and out the home, is determined to assist spinal cord individuals with providing wheelchair comfort and medical supply assistance during hard times.

In closing, a library of documented footage throughout the programs and missions will create a reference of important information that scientists, teachers, students, families, and others can use in improving personal, social, and foreign issues in developing a better world.

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